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Image of Disposable Fly Trap

Disposable Fly Trap

RESCUE!® Disposable Fly Trap is designed to control fly populations at the source with a bait they find irresistible. Easy, efficient means to controlling flies, in a handy disposable bag

Image of Disposable Yellowjacket Trap

Disposable Yellowjacket Trap

RESCUE!® Disposable Yellowjacket Trap is effective in targeting and trapping all of the major species of yellowjacket found in North America. Lured by the powerful scent, yellowjackets enter through the top cap and drown in the water. Ideal for...

Image of Fly Tape, Visilure, Indoor & Outdoor, 3-Pk.

Fly Tape, Visilure, Indoor & Outdoor, 3-Pk.

The rescue!® fly tape catches common nuisance or filth flies. This isn't your grandmother's sticky, gooey brown fly ribbon. Rescue!® fly tape uses sterling's new visilure™ technology to ensnare flies with appealing colors and...

Image of Fly Trap, Big Bag

Fly Trap, Big Bag

Rescue, Big Bag Fly Trap, Catches Up To 40,000 Flies Per Bag, Designed For Agricultural Areas With Heavy Fly Concentrations, Just Add Water & Hang, No Messy Rebating, Completely Disposable, No Pesticides.

Image of Fly Trap, Reusable

Fly Trap, Reusable

Reusable Fly Trap, No Poisons Or Pesticides, Reusable Trap Catches A Variet Of Flies, Attractant Included, Just Add Water & Place Outside In Sunlight.

Image of Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit Fly Trap

Rescue fruit fly trap, with 30 day attractant, includes two .51 oz attractant packs, total of 1.02 oz of attractant.

Image of Fruit Fly Trap, 2-Pk.

Fruit Fly Trap, 2-Pk.

2 pack, fruit fly trap, with 30 day attractant/trap, includes two .51 oz attractant packs per trap, total of 2.04 oz of attractant.

Image of Fruit Fly Trap Refill, 2-Pk.

Fruit Fly Trap Refill, 2-Pk.

Fruit fly trap refill, includes two 15 Day attractant packs, total of 30 Days of attractant.

Image of Japanese Beetle Trap, Reusable

Japanese Beetle Trap, Reusable

One Season Reusable Japanese Beetle Trap with Zipper Bottom Bag, Catches The Japanese Beetle, A Destructive Garden Pest Which Infests & Destroys Over 300 Varieties Of Ornamental Plants, All In 1 Trap, Yellow Panels, Bags Are Welded Together To Ensure...

Image of OrnamenTrap Fly Trap Refill Cartridge

OrnamenTrap Fly Trap Refill Cartridge

Attractant refill for the NEW OrnamenTrap from RESCUE. The OrnamenTrap from RESCUE has a beautiful, decorative design that enhances any outdoor space. Its reusable design ensures seasons of use along with these attractant refill inserts. The OrnamenTrap...

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